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Since April 2003, all Consumers Energy natural gas customers have been eligible to participate in Gas Customer Choice (GCC). With Gas Customer Choice, you can choose to buy your gas supply from Consumers Energy, which is regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC), or from an alternate gas supplier (AGS) at an unregulated price. This gives you the opportunity to shop around to find your best deal. No matter which choice you make, Consumers Energy will continue to deliver your gas, read your meter and perform all billing, and respond to gas emergencies. You can use our Choice Comparison Calculator to compare your current rate with the rate the AGS is offering.

We make no profit on the sale of the gas itself, and like all commodities, the cost of that gas may vary by month, depending on the market conditions. For gas price information, please see our 18-month history.  Alternate gas suppliers are licensed by the MPSC, and a list of those suppliers is available on the MPSC’s website. Consumers Energy is not associated or affiliated with any of these suppliers, and our company does not recommend or endorse any of their products. If you purchase your gas supply from an alternative gas supplier, the price you pay will not be regulated by the MPSC.

If you have questions about Gas Customer Choice you can review our frequently asked questions section, contact us by email, or call (800) 418-2263.

AGS representatives may call you or come to your home and ask to see your Consumers Energy bill. To enroll you as a customer the representative will need to obtain the POD (Point of Delivery) number from your bill. Do NOT provide your POD number to an AGS unless you want to switch.

As your gas company, we provide all of the services needed to safely and reliably bring energy to you:

  • We buy the natural gas
  • We deliver it to your home or business and charge you for the service
  • We make sure our delivery system, a network of gas pipelines, is well-maintained and operates safely. If there are problems, we respond to fix them

If you choose an AGS you can still count on us to:

  • Deliver the gas to your home or business
  • Read your meter and send a monthly bill that includes Consumers Energy’s delivery charges and gas supply charges agreed to between you and the AGS
  • Ensure the safety of our delivery system and fix any problems that occur

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Making an Informed Choice

Customer Information

Helpful Checklist For Making Your Choice

mark    Are you registered with the MPSC?    

mark  What is the price you will charge me per 
        thousand cubic foot (Mcf)?

mark    Does this price include all fees?    

mark    Is the price fixed or does it change?

mark    If the price is variable, how often     
does it change?

mark    Are there any built in price increases or decreases?

mark    Is there a membership or other fee 
to sign up with you?

mark    What is the length of the contract?

mark    Is there a fee if I cancel the contract early? 

mark    Is there a customer incentive for signing up?

mark    What happens when my contract expires?


 Print this Checklist to use when talking to alternative suppliers