Smart Energy

Consumers Energy’s Smart Energy program will allow for an enhanced and exciting level of communication between our company and customers. 

A new generation of “smart” electric meters will start to share important information with customers and help them become smarter energy users.

Unlike traditional meters that simply measure energy usage, smart meters will enable two-way communication between customers and our company through wireless technology and user interfaces.

This two-way communication has a number of additional benefits, including sending signals when a customer is out of power and virtually eliminating bills based off estimated meter readings.

The meters will have the ability to send near real-time updates to home computers or energy management systems to tell customers what they're paying for energy usage, notify them of changing electric costs in advance and allow them to participate in new, money-saving programs.

The Smart Grid will allow Consumers Energy to better monitor and manage its electric distribution system and help customers become more aware of their energy use. It also will educate customers about the overall effects of the electric distribution system in their local areas.

diagram of how smart grid works

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The Smart Grid will create a new energy frontier with renewable energy, smart meters and two-way information.