Get Plug-in Ready

checkmarkAs a new owner of a plug-in electric vehicle, it’s important to become familiar with your charging options, our special PEV rate, and our incentive program which could help pay for an installation of a Level 2 charging station.  We ask that you fill out the 
Plug-in Ready Form
, so one of our specialists can assist you.

Also, we have a checklist that may be used to help you ask the right questions. 

Plug-In Ready Checklist 


 To have your home “plug-in ready” in time for your vehicle, please complete the following steps:

  1. Determine if you would like to charge your vehicle with Level 1 or Level 2 charging at your home.
    • Level 1 Charging – plug into a normal, grounded, three-prong 120-volt outlet. Your next (and final) step will be to make sure that you understand rate option 1 and then call us at (877) 904-9246 to enroll.  If Level 1 charging is chosen, you can ignore the rest of the checklist. 
    • Level 2 Charging – install a 240-volt charging station at your home. Level 2 charging will take half as long as Level 1 charging to charge the vehicle.
    • Please see the Consumers Energy Incentive Program to determine if we can help to pay for this charging station installation for Level 2 charging.
  2. Contact a Consumers Energy plug-in vehicle representative toll-free at (877) 904-9246 to discuss the available PEV rate or review the website for information.
    • How will the rates impact my monthly energy bill?
    • Review Consumers Energy’s incentive program for help defraying the cost of the charging station installation. 
    • Are there other avenues to pay for the charging station?
    • Review Consumers Energy’s preferred configuration of Level 2 charging.
  3. Consult a licensed electrical contractor to plan and perform the electrical work needed to complete your charging station. Electrical contractors should review Consumers Energy's Contractor Fact Sheet.
    • What is the cost of the charging station installation?
    • Is an upgrade to my home’s electrical panel required?
    • Where is the best location for my charging station?
    • What permit(s) would I need to install a charging station?
    • Where does Consumers Energy need my new meter to be installed (if required)?
  4. Prior to installation of the charging station, secure all required permits.  Contact your local municipal office (city, village or township) for further information.
  5. Have your electrical contractor install the charging station and work with Consumers Energy to complete the meter installation.
  6. Ensure that an inspection of the charging station is performed (if required).
  7. Charge and drive your PEV.


E-mail  Phone:  (877) 904-9246

Plug-in Ready Form