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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Jackson, Mich. Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Consumers Energy Foundation has awarded $27,625 in grants to 55 community organizations to recognize outstanding volunteerism by 98 employees and 23 retirees.

The Volunteer Investment Program grants and the volunteers are:
--  $850* to Center Stage Theater, Jackson:  Doug Meyers, senior engineer II; Don Mansfield, retiree. 
--  $550* to Jackson County Sportsman Junior Division Club 56118:  J. Michael O’Connor, senior technical analyst – lead.
--  $400* to East Jackson Community Schools high school band boosters, Jackson:  William Owen Lubitz, technician III; April Sears, administrative specialist II.
--  $450* to East Jackson Community Schools football, Jackson:  Judy Smith, administrative support specialist.
--  $400* to Ezra Eby Parent Teacher Organization, Napoleon:  Stacy Baker, business technology solutions business relationship manager – finance; Dan Gretzner, customer communications consultant. 
-- $375 to American Cancer Society Relay for Life:  Patricia S. Wyble, storekeeper;  Don Davis, Louis Wisniewski, Nancy Miller, retirees.
--  $300* to Hanover-Horton Schools class of 2012, Horton:  Patricia S. Wyble.
--  $550* to Jackson Catholic Middle School, Jackson:  John Mark McCollum, senior technical analyst II; Kathleen A. Thomas, business support consultant II; Beth White, business technology solutions manager I.
--  $1,000* to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Jackson County, Jackson:  Michelle Kay Young, technician III; Vonna Halladay, senior business consultant I; Kimbley Y. Baker, administrative assistant III; Ron Kerver, cash management director; Cynthia L. Westerhof, director, people services; A. Chris Robinson, senior business support consultant I; Rita A. Christl, business technology solutions technical lead/specialist I; John C. Yang, general engineer II; Monica Miller, administrative assistant III; Johnny Perez, general accounting analyst II; Stacie Tello, senior business support consultant I; Don Lemons, senior technical analyst-lead; Bill Owens, employee development consultant; Lori Stratton, communications consultant II; Pandora Thomas, executive assistant; Judith Holzworth, Glenda Childs, retirees.
--  $400* to Jackson Catholic Middle School band and athletic teams, Jackson:  Wendy C. Allen, senior technical analyst I; Joseph M. Eckert, manager, accounting; Francis X. Berkemeier, retiree.
--  $550* to Lumen Christi High School band, Jackson:  Paul Bondarenko, business technology solutions technical integrator I; Joseph M. Eckert; Francis X. Berkemeier.
--  $225 to Madonna University:  Francis X. Berkemeier.
--  $750* to St. Mary Star of the Sea School activities programs, Jackson:  Alan Redding, superintendent of gas control; Cynthia A. Ziepiela, administrative specialist II; Joseph E. Ziepiela, EMS lead system analyst; Linda Sinicki, building utility worker B; Francis X. Berkemeier, Donald Parker, retirees.
--  $250 to Notre Dame Club of Jackson, Jackson:  Francis X. Berkemeier.
--  $150 to Marriage Matters Jackson:  Alan Redding.
--  $500* to Jackson County Aquatic Club, Jackson:  Susana Ward, business technology solutions business lead/specialist; James D. Smith, retiree.
--  $350 to Jackson County Genealogical Society, Jackson:  Richard G. Cottrell, Robert A. Hoffman, retirees.
--  $550* to YMCA, Jackson:  Martha A. Schwark, business support consultant II.
--  $700* to Junior Achievement of the Michigan Edge, Inc., Jackson:  Patricia Ferguson, benefits financial analyst; Beth Ann McFalls, senior engineer I; Noe Hernandez, communications consultant II; Amy D. Kapuga, general engineer II; Allan Hooper, economic development director.
--  $550* to Jackson Southeast Little League, Jackson:  Anthony Parker, senior financial analyst.
--  $425 to Allegiance Hospice, Jackson:  Margaret Prestler, administrative assistant III; Margaret F. O’Connor, senior environmental planner III; Pam Davis, retiree.
--  $500* to Sitting Tall Proud Equestrian program, Jackson:  David A. Lapinski, executive director of electric sourcing and transmission; Margaret Prestler; Shirley A. Lapinski, retiree.
--  $700* to Boy Scout Troop (4)396, Jackson:  Douglas L. Fink, business technology solutions technical lead/specialist I; Thomas J. Taylor, safety and health director.
--  $550* to Jackson Area Hockey Association, Jackson:  Dave Kloack, business technology solutions technical lead/specialist I.
--  $900* to Jackson Symphony Orchestra, Jackson:  Joan Boldrey, field planning analyst scheduler II; Carol Isles, executive director of accounting policy and external financial reporting.
--  $850* to First Presbyterian Church Youth Center, Jackson:  Wayne M. Leja, principal rate analyst; Marsha Caspar, principal engineer; Christine M. Lund-Prokos, John M. McLaughlin Jr., Zoe M. Wilcox, retirees.
--  $225 to Fowler House, Jackson:  Lori King, electric meter apprentice III.
--  $750* to Lumen Christi High School Titan Club, Jackson:  James A. Schneider, retiree.
--  $375 to Lumen Christi High School education board and policy committee, Jackson:  Kevin Bowman, director – gas and electric records support; Dave Mikelonis, retiree.
--  $650* to Northwest Community Schools Takedown Club, Jackson:  Robyn Hiatt, administrative specialist II.
--  $400* to Northwest Community Schools Touchline Soccer Club, Jackson:  Irene R. Albarran, administrative assistant III; Ronald R. Rose, fleet field leader B; Jan B. Marshall, administrative assistant III.
--  $650* to Queen of the Miraculous Medal School basketball teams, Jackson:  Lincoln D. Warriner, senior business support consultant – lead; R. Michael Stuart, utility metrics director.
--  $450* to Queen of the Miraculous Medal School Arts Go To School program, Jackson:  Beth White, business technology solutions technical manager I.
--  $225 to Queen of the Miraculous Medal School ambassadors group, Jackson:  Beth White.
--  $550* to Queen of the Miraculous Medal School, Jackson:  Beth White; Rebecca Kosnik, equal employment opportunity and employee relations director; Nancy O’Dowd, administrative assistant III; Wendy C. Allen; Kimberly Michner, senior business support consultant I; Debbie Harworth, business technology solutions technical manager II; Nicole McIntosh, general environmental planner II; Heather Wilson, senior business support consultant II.
--  $225 to Allegiance Health volunteer services, Jackson:  Jan Riede, retiree.
--  $600* to Hanover-Horton soccer club, Horton:  Anthony J. Manarin, business technology solutions technical lead/specialist I.
--  $375 to Jackson Public Schools, Jackson:  Sheila Patterson, business support consultant II; Kathryn Keersmaekers, retiree.
--  $750* to Jackson High School band boosters, Jackson:  John J. Francey, principal technical analyst; Barry Polack, technician III; Mary Polack, business support consultant II; Missy Steers, operations assistant II; Doug Meyers, senior engineer II.
--  $225 to CROP:  Susan K. Gahagan, senior administrative specialist I.
--  $550* to Michigan Center youth baseball and softball league, Michigan Center:  Todd J. Fulk, forester I.
--  $550* to Students Helping Our World, Parma:  Pamela J. Rogers, administrative specialist II.
--  $300* to Northwest High School varsity volleyball team, Jackson:  Jeff A. Miller, business technology solutions technical team leader/project manager I.
--  $550* to American Heritage Girls Pious Union of St. Joseph, Grass Lake:  David Koerkel, senior technical analyst II.
--  $475 to Energizers Toastmasters Club, Jackson:  Terry L. McCauley, general accounting analyst II; Angela J. Noble, senior accounting analyst lead; Pamela M. Horrighs, administrative assistant III; Jennifer L. Smith, business support consultant I; Timothy P. Kohlitz, business technology solutions senior analyst I; Wendy S. Huff, principal analyst I; Laura A. Harvey-Bow, senior accounting analyst II; Kimbley Y. Baker, administrative assistant III; Michael Butchart, retiree.
--  $600* to Camp Teetonkah Endowment Fund, Great Sauk Trail Council Boy Scouts of America:  Russell C. Melville, retiree.
--  $600* to Boy Scout Troop 134, Hanover-Horton:  William O’Connell, senior engineer II;
--  $400* to Jackson Christian School, Jackson:  Scott Vogel, general engineering technical analyst II.
--  $350 to Jackson County Agricultural Council, Jackson:  Steven L. Wallenwine, director of agricultural services; Fae M. Easton, administrative assistant III; Dennis G. Seidl, general engineer technical analyst II.
--  $850* to American Youth Basketball Tour 7th grade girls basketball, Michigan Center:  Joseph D. Lusk, electric field leader B.
--  $550* to Optimist Club of Jackson charitable fund, Jackson:  Jason Coker, senior accounting analyst I.
--  $450* to Lily Missions Center, Jackson:  Robert E. Hill, business technology solutions technical lead/specialist II.
--  $425 to Sweet Adelines International:  Jessica Thompson, administrative assistant III; Candette S. Suddeth, administrative specialist II.
--  $375 to United Way of Jackson County, Jackson:  Michael Kanser, energy efficiency programs manager; Douglas Marshall, senior rates and business support analyst; Daniel C. Bishop, public information director; Michael Shore, retiree.
--  $275 to Warm the Children, Jackson:  Heather Wilson, senior business support consultant II; Melissa Kinney, general financial analyst II; Sharon Arendsen, administrative specialist II.
Grants marked with an (*) reflect doubled amounts through the Consumers Energy Foundation’s CEEPSACER Program.  CEEPSACER (Consumers Energy Employees Providing Service Around Children’s Essential Resources) was established as part of Consumers Energy’s commitment to America’s Promise-The Alliance for Youth.  America’s Promise works to provide every young person with the Five Promises so they will have a better chance to succeed in life.

The Consumers Energy Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Consumers Energy.  It provides funding for a variety of areas including education, community and civic development, culture and the arts, social services, the environment, and emerging issues.   For more information about the Consumers Energy Foundation and its support of America’s Promise, visit our website at

Consumers Energy, the principal subsidiary of CMS Energy, provides natural gas and electricity to 6.8 million of the state's 10 million residents in all 68 Lower Peninsula counties.

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