Business Natural Gas Options

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General Service Rates

Natural gas rates depend on the size of your business.

Transportation Rates

Rates depend on annual natural gas use.

Natural Gas Charges

All Michigan utilities, including the natural gas services we provide, are regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC).

Natural gas service includes three primary charges:

Gas Cost Recovery: The cost of natural gas commodity. It’s measured in units of one thousand cubic feet (Mcf). The price we charge includes no profit and reflects only the cost of providing the gas. View the 18-month History for Natural Gas Cost.

Distribution: The cost of pipelines, storage and the operation and maintenance of those systems.

Customer: The cost of customer-related activities including reading meters, billing and customer service.

The following rates and classifications are set depending on the size of the business and its annual natural gas use:

  • Small Businesses: GS-1 is for businesses using less than 1,001 Mcf/year.
  • Medium Businesses: GS-2 is for businesses using between 1,001 and 10,0001 Mcf/year.
  • Large Businesses: GS-3 is for businesses using more than 10,001 Mcf/year.

Your current rate is on the back of the bill. If you have questions regarding your rate, email us or call our Business Center at 800-805-0490.

For more information about rates, view the Natural Gas Rate Book.

This rate is reserved for large customers who secure their own natural gas supplies, rather than purchase their natural gas from us or a Gas Customer Choice supplier. In order to receive this rate you must apply for it, and additional fees may also be required.

Your current rate is on the back of the bill. If you have questions regarding your rate, email us or call our Business Center at 800-805-0490.

For more detailed information regarding rates, view the Natural Gas Rate Book.

The Consumers Energy Gas Nomination System

If you supply natural gas to the Consumers Energy system, please watch this video for an explanation of our Gas Nomination System.

Here’s How We Keep Your Costs Down

We strive to provide your business with the best product at the best price, and are always looking for ways to reduce your costs by:

  • Buying natural gas during the summer when it generally costs less and storing it in our underground fields throughout Michigan.
  • Reducing power plant fuel costs by increasing the use of lower-priced Western coal from Wyoming and Montana.
  • Recycling more than 20 major types of waste to help reduce hazardous waste shipments and lower electric generation costs.
  • Reducing tree-related outages and restoration costs with robust line-clearing maintenance program.
  • Using a variety of electric generation facilities and running our most efficient units more often.
  • In case of catastrophic storms, we work to get crews from other Midwest energy services to restore service as quickly as possible. That helps minimize your downtime costs. 
  • Updating systems to be more efficient.
  • Installing upgraded meters helps us provide more efficient service to our customers.