Business Efficiency Reports

Energy Saving Insights for Your Small Business

When you know more about how your small business uses energy, you can do more to save energy and money. Your small business may receive Business Efficiency Reports that offer a snapshot of your energy use, delivered six times a year to your mailbox. To view detailed monthly use, personalize your business profile and create your energy-savings plan, sign up for the Business Energy Efficiency Monitor.

We'll also include:
  • Personalized recommendations to save your business energy
  • Historical benchmark comparisons to examine your energy use year over year
  • Access to resources to help you adopt energy saving practices
Learn more and see if your business qualifies for the Business Efficiency Reports and the Business Energy Efficiency Monitor.

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Eligibility and Program Limits

The Business Efficiency Report and the Business Energy Efficiency Monitor is available to our business customers who use 400,000 kWh or less of electricity per year, or 6,000 Mcf or less of natural gas per year.

Please contact us at 877-607-0737 Ext. 1931 to verify your eligibility today.

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