Equipment Performance Testing

Finely Tuned Processes are the Secret to Reliability

More than 6 million Michiganders depend on us for reliable, safe and efficient electricity and natural gas service. Our Equipment Performance Testing team helps make that happen. We are experts in combustion, heat rate, power plant performance and Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR). We keep our generating plants finely tuned, and operating at peak performance. Our capabilities include coal, natural gas and oil powered generating fleets. Read more about our services by clicking the arrows below.

  • Turbine efficiency testing. HP/IP enthalpy drop or full ASME PTC 6
  • Condenser performance testing. Cleanliness factor of full ASME PTC 12.2
  • Feedwater heater and deaerator testing according to ASME PTC 12.1/12.3
  • Pump testing, both thermodynamic efficiency and developed head
  • Thermodynamic cycle modeling and heat rate improvement studies
  • Cooling tower performance testing in accordance with CTI ATC-105
  • State of the art mobile emission laboratory capable of measuring 12 separate sampling points simultaneously for O2, CO and NOx as well as providing composite measurements for O2, CO, NOx, CO2 and SO2
  • Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) compliance boiler tuning
  • Boiler combustion tuning and optimization for steam temperature, NOx and CO
  • Reduce unburned carbon (LOI)
  • Combustion tuning for coal, natural gas, and oil fired units
  • Coal flow distribution testing and tuning utilizing the state of the art MIC system
  • Ammonia Injection Grid (AIG) tuning to optimize ammonia and catalyst utilization for both
  • Coal and combined cycle heat recovery steam generators
  • Ammonia slip testing according to SCAQMD Method 207.1
  • SCR catalyst acceptance/warranty testing
  • Fan performance testing in accordance with AMCA 803
  • Air heater efficiency testing according to ASME PTC 4.3

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This service is not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission.