Employee Volunteerism

  • Our volunteers work together to help more than 100 community nonprofits every year.
  • Our volunteers like to do the heavy lifting.
  • When team members volunteer in groups, the Consumers Foundation donates $250 to qualifying nonprofits.
  • Our team members work together and volunteer together.
  • Caring for Community teams bag food for families in need.
  • We’re big fans of teamwork, whether on the job or volunteering in our community.

coach instructing volleyball players

VIPs on the Job and in Your Community

Strong communities rely on volunteers. More than 4,000 of our employees and retirees volunteer across Michigan annually. You’ll find them volunteering in classrooms, community centers and food pantries. To inspire and reward employees for helping their community, the Consumers Energy Foundation gives grants of up to $500 for the nonprofits with which they work. The VIP grant awards are doubled for organizations working with youth.

consumers energy employees painting a fence

Team Blue Means More Green for Nonprofits

When team members volunteer as a group, the Consumers Energy Foundation donates $250 in Caring for Community grants to qualifying nonprofits. And they outfit us in company blue t-shirts so we can easily find each other when it’s time to carpool home. More than 1,000 employees formed groups last year to serve meals at homeless shelters, build homes for Habitat, beautify community spaces, deliver water and remove invasive species.

consumers energy employee presenting a check

When Our Employees Give, Communities Get a Lot More

Employees have a particular soft spot for their community. We know this because we match employee donations dollar for dollar for gifts $25 or more, up to $1,000 per year to community foundations, food banks, homeless shelters and universities. Retiree donations are matched at 50%. Annually, the Consumers Energy Foundation donates $105,000 in matching funds. It’s our way of honoring our employees and retirees.