Community and Civic Development

  • Our grants are hard at work helping to beautify and strengthen Michigan cities and towns.
  • A Consumers Energy Foundation grant to the Muskegon Museum of Art helped fund a contemporary art exhibit featuring Michigan artists.
  • We focus on grants that promise to make a sustainable impact in Michigan communities.
  • We make grants to help improve the welfare of whole communities.

Creating Cool Cities and Top 10 Towns

We imagine a Michigan where every community is not only livable, but lovable. Places with wildly attractive public assets, great neighborhoods and vibrant downtowns. Desirable. It’s important for Michigan families and businesses.

We’re deeply involved in community development efforts across the state. We’re very deliberate about working with Michigan companies and have commitments to spend billions with state businesses through the Pure Michigan Business Connect initiative. The Consumers Energy Foundation awards grants to support economic development to improve the welfare of whole communities, with a focus on funding projects with long-term benefits.

You’ll find our grants at work beautifying parks, developing trails, and supporting zoos, community art, museums and stage productions. Our grants are being put to use to strengthen Michigan communities throughout the Lower Peninsula.