Hurricane Irma Restoration

Sending Some Of Our Best To Help Deal With Nature's Worst

We're putting boots on the ground to help restore power to the millions hit by Hurricane Irma.

On September 7, 220 Consumers Energy employees and contractors set out for Florida to help restore power to the millions impacted by Hurricane Irma, joining an army of over 50,000 workers from across the USA and Canada. As of September 12, workers are coordinating restoration efforts in the Boca Raton area. They will return to Michigan on September 21.

On September 13, a new contingent of 130 lineworkers, damage assessors, supervisors, safety personnel and other field employees left Michigan to assist with restoration efforts in Atlanta, Georgia. As of September 18, that contingent had finished their restoration efforts and returned to Michigan.

“We have all seen the images of utter devastation from Irma, and the reports we’re getting back from our colleagues already in Florida emphasize the need for more assistance in the region,” said Guy Packard, vice president of electric operations. “We have been fortunate to receive assistance from out of state after severe weather in Michigan. Now it’s time for us to return the favor.”

For additional updates about our efforts to aid those affected by Hurricane Irma, check our Twitter feed.

I wanted to thank you, deeply and sincerely, for sending crews south to assist with power restoration in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Like millions of Floridians, I lost power when Irma blew through. I watched through impact glass windows as a transformer sparked and popped outside, and a power line dangled in my pool. Knowing the sheer geographic scope of the storm, I expected I would be dark for weeks, taking what refuge I could from the muggy 90-degree temperatures and unable to venture into my back yard to clear debris. Fortunately, my electricity was restored after only two days. I know many electric companies around the country sent repair teams, but it was one of yours - a crew from Reed City - who helped me. While many Floridians were fleeing the storm, these men drove for two days so they could place themselves squarely in Irma's path. They told me it was their job; I can only think of them as angels. Thank you.

Resident – Oakland Park, FL

  • Staging area for Florida power restoration efforts
  • Crews volunteered to head south to help with storm restoration.
  • Planners worked to understand what tools and materials would be needed.
  • Damage in in Irma’s wake was extensive
  • Hurricane Irma Thank You
  • Staging area for Florida power restoration efforts
  • Repairing damage and restoring power
  • Hurricane Irma Thank You
  • Restoring power in Boca Raton
  • Restoring power in Boca Raton
  • Hurricane Irma Thank You
  • Restoring power in Boca Raton
  • Trucks leaving Jackson, Michigan.
  • Teams preparing for the rollout.
  • Hurricane Irma Thank You
  • Crew lead does a last minute check on the bucket trucks.
  • Trucks prepared and final checks completed.
  • A quiet moment with the team before heading into the storm.
  • Hurricane Irma Thank You
  • Damage assessor provides a Florida preview to crews before heading out.
  • Supply chain team packing additional materials for our crews.
  • Teams making final preparations.
  • Supply chain is happy to help.
  • Hurricane Irma Thank You
  • Our crews are ready to assist.
  • Final debrief before heading south.
  • Packing up the trucks with bottled water and food.
  • Lake City, Florida - Heading into the storm when others are heading out.
  • Lake City, Florida - Crews from across the country ready to assist Florida residents and businesses in getting the power back on.
  • Lake City, Florida - Crews getting morning assignments.

Consumers Energy crews help restore power in Florida after Hurricane Irma