Life Support

If Your Life Includes Medical Equipment, Now’s the Time to Prepare for an Outage

If you rely on electric powered life-support equipment in your home, power outages can be more than a minor inconvenience. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide special service or return your power more quickly if an emergency strikes. So, preparation is critical. Get started with the American Red Cross Identification Program.

How It Works

The American Red Cross Identification Program will teach you how to create an emergency backup plan and arrange for proper equipment when needed. It’s available for people who live in our electric service area and have had a doctor prescribe life-support equipment. The Red Cross also provides other great tips to stay safe in an emergency.

PLEASE NOTE: Backup generators and transportation services are not part of this program. Participation in this program does not mean your electric power will be restored sooner than others.


To sign up, complete the American Red Cross Identification Program form and forward it to us at:

Consumers Energy
C/O: Revenue Operations
4000 Clay Ave. SW, Room 214B
Grand Rapids, MI 49548

Or Fax to 810-760-3232
For more information call us at 800-477-5050.