A Bright Future Begins Here

We all love our state’s lakes, rivers, forests and pure air. They set Michigan apart as the gem of the Great Lakes. So with your input we created our Clean Energy Plan - a road map for protecting the environment by embracing innovative affordable energy solutions. By 2040, 90% of the energy we generate will be from clean resources. But we can’t do it without you.

How You Can Choose Clean

Choose Clean Energy at Home

If we work together we can create a future of reliable clean energy and protect the environment we love. Our Clean Energy Plan will power Michigan’s future with 90% clean energy. You can help by adopting energy efficient programs and products to lower your energy use and your bill.

Join the Movement at Home

Choose Clean Energy at Your Business

Your businesses energy profile and commitment to the environment matter to your customers. We offer rebates and programs that can help you run more efficiently, save money and deliver the clean energy profile your customers are looking for.

Join the Movement at Your Business

Our Clean Energy Plan at a Glance

90% of Energy from Clean Sources

A proposed 550 megawatts of additional wind generation and 6,000 megawatts of solar energy will help us meet 90% of your energy needs with clean renewable resources.

More Energy Solutions

Creative solutions like demand response, energy efficiency programs and battery storage will help manage demand, keep costs low and optimize the power grid.

Transition to Zero Coal

Coal-fired generating plants would be retired by 2040 resulting in cleaner air and protecting the environment for future generations.

clean energy chart

Frequently Asked Questions

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