Clean Energy Plan

A Bright Future Begins Here

Our Clean Energy Plan will meet Michigan’s needs for decades to come – and you are a vital part of the design. Together, we’re seizing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to eliminate coal, embrace renewable resources and provide innovative, affordable energy solutions for customers. It’s all part of our commitment to protect the planet, empower people and help Michigan prosper. The Clean Energy Plan is a first step on the path to zero coal use and a 90 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2040. We will meet customers’ needs with 90 percent clean energy resources and, with your help, create a bright, sustainable energy future for our state.

What's in the Plan?

Transition to Zero Coal

Coal-fired generating plants would be retired by 2040.

Ending coal use by 2040 transforms our portfolio with renewable energy and achieves our Clean Energy goals.

More Energy Solutions

Tools such as demand response, energy efficiency and battery storage will help us manage demand and find creative solutions to Michigan’s energy challenges.

By using demand response programs – which help customers pay less by using energy when demand is lower - we can help keep costs low and optimize Michigan’s power grid.

More Renewable Energy

A proposed 550 megawatts of additional wind generation and 6,000 megawatts of solar energy will help us meet 90 percent of customers’ needs with clean energy resources.

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Become a Clean Energy Partner

In many ways, the Clean Energy Plan is a response to customers who’ve told us they care deeply about how we handle issues such as air quality, water management and greenhouse gas emissions.

You can help us fully realize the plan’s potential for Michigan.

The main way customers can work as Clean Energy partners is to participate in the energy efficiency, demand response and renewable energy plans that will help eliminate coal and cut emissions by 90 percent by 2040. From using more efficient light bulbs and appliances to powering your air conditioner at the optimal time or subscribing to a community solar program, there are many ways you can help create a new energy future for Michigan.

Visit these sites to learn more about the customer programs that are essential to helping the Clean Energy Plan succeed:

Frequently Asked Questions

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