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Helping Michigan Prosper – It’s Personal

We have a plan to create a cleaner energy future for the state we all love

I was raised in Jackson, the place where our company was founded more than 130 years ago and still home to our corporate headquarters.

My father, Bill Kessler, spent his career at Consumers Energy. He was overjoyed when I returned home to Hidden Harvest helps the hungry in three counties.work for the company in 2011, and we shed a tear together on the day I was named president and chief executive officer in 2016.

“Holy mackerel Patti!” was all he could say

I’m passionate about making life better in Michigan and helping to ensure future generations enjoy the same opportunities I’ve had. I know many of you can relate.

That’s why I’m so proud about our Clean Energy Plan to to serve the state for the next two decades.

By 2040, we plan to:

  • Stop using coal to generate electricity.
  • Reduce carbon emissions by 90 percent.
  • Meet customers' needs with 90 percent clean energy resources.

We’re determined to do what’s right, not merely what’s required. We’re viewing the way we do business through a new lens that puts people, the planet and Michigan’s prosperity front and center.

What does that mean?

We want to show you how we see sustainability through the stories you’ll find here. Stories about the people who are making a real and positive impact for Michigan by protecting the environment we all cherish and powering economic growth and opportunity.

I hope you learn more about our company, our plans and the many hard-working folks that make Michigan such a special place.

Thank you for helping us create a sustainable energy future. Enjoy!

Patti Poppe Signature.


President and CEO

CMS Energy and Consumers Energy

Thanks Dad

Check out our new commercial inspired by the real-life story of Patti Poppe, our President and CEO, who was born and raised in Michigan and now runs the company where her father, Bill Kessler, spent his entire career.