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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Paying Your Bill

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Payment Options

We offer several payment options. Most are free. You also may choose to receive an eBill or paper bill. Learn more

Assistance Programs

We offer a number of payment plans and programs to help meet your energy needs and protect you from gas and electric service shut-off. Learn more

Budget Plan

Our Budget Plan spreads your annual energy costs over 11 months and uses the 12th month to balance your account. If you used more or less energy than you paid for, your 12th-month bill will reflect the difference. It's a great way to help manage your household budget.
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Bill Payment Locations

Our online map allows you to enter an address to find an authorized bill payment location near you.

Shut off of service

Before we shut off service, we send a shut-off notice 10 days in advance. The notice indicates the earliest date that service may be shut off and how to avoid it. If you receive a shut-off notice, you may contact us before the notice expires to pay what you owe or enter into a settlement agreement. Learn more