Understanding Your Bill

New Bill 2010

Your Bill Format

Your bill gives you the information you need to help save energy and save money. View details of bill.

  • Two-column format: Detailed energy charges are on the left and a summary of charges on the right, giving options for those who want information in a quick glance and those who prefer a more comprehensive breakdown of charges.
  • Pay stub: 12-digit account number, date due and amount due are clearly identified on the payment stub.
  • Summary of charges: This section includes current programs or payment plans in which customers participate and their next scheduled meter read date.
  • Personalized graph with 13 months of energy use: A new graph details energy use for the past 13 months. The section also includes energy use per day and the cost per day.
  • Emergencies/Outages: Please continue to report natural gas leaks at (800) 889-1252. Continue to report electric outages at (800) 805-0490, press 2.

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Sample Front of Electric-Gas Bill
Back of Sample Bill
Bill Insert (December 2010)
Explanation of Electric Charges 
Explanation of Gas Charges

As a regulated utility, Consumers Energy is obligated to meet many safety and reliability performance measures. The company maintains equipment, operates the business and receives an authorized rate of return.

When necessary, we file a request with the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) to adjust rates to reflect market trends, business costs and investments we make to serve our customers.

You can compare the rate code on your bill with this list of rate descriptions or, please feel free to send us an e-mail or call us at the number shown on your energy bill if you have additional questions.