Electric power was pioneered in Michigan along its idyllic rivers, and today we continue to operate 13 hydroelectric plants along five waterways.

The hydros were built between 1906 and 1935 and have a combined generating capacity of approximately 130 megawatts, enough to serve about 70,000 people.

Near our hydros are campgrounds, boat launches, picnic areas, and other recreational facilities. All are popular spots for canoeing and fishing, and many visitors also enjoy bird watching and exploring the nearby nature trails.

Today, renewable hydropower remains one of Michigan's most important homegrown energy sources. It produces clean, reliable power that Michigan has been able to count on for more than a century.

The Hydro Reporter keeps you up to date on information and events associated with the hydro dams.

The brochure Get Closer to Nature lets you know what recreational opportunities await you at the hydro dams.

Our hydroelectric facilities are scattered throughout Michigan along the five following rivers:

Au Sable River
Grand River 
Kalamazoo River 
Manistee River 
Muskegon River