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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Metering and Monitoring

smart meters

Electric Metering

Important services and installation information for Contractors, Engineers and Customers:

We want to make the job of installing electric metering equipment easier for you. That's why we're providing documents that outline some things you'll need to know before starting your job.
Electric Metering 


Whether you're a Michigan electric or gas utility, retailer, industrial or "resale" customer, we can install, test, maintain and/or calibrate your metering system.

Does your business demand critical energy management decisions based upon timely and accurate information?

Do you want easy access to your electricity and natural gas usage with no additional equipment or costly maintenance and training investments?

Then turn to Consumers Energy, your energy experts. Online Energy Monitoring 

Industrial Lighting 

Industrial Lighting

Find out how to install energy-efficient lighting here and you can cut your lighting costs by as much as 40%.


Doing Business With Us

Become an approved supplier or contractor to Consumers Energy. Current bid opportunities for materials