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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Customer Generation


Windmill on a farmAs we work to provide reliable electric service to families and businesses, we have found some customers are interested in generating their own power and selling any surplus electricity to Consumers Energy. There are also some customers who may be interested in generating their own power but, due to their generator size and/or home or business usage needs, are not able to sell their surplus electricity to Consumers Energy.

If you are considering installing a windmill, solar panels or other renewable energy source, this information will help you determine the necessary equipment and other requirements to connect to Consumers Energy's distribution system. Note: Consumers Energy does not make recommendations as to the brand, type or size of generator our customers should install.

Generators with capacity of 5 MW or more may also interconnect to Consumers Energy's distribution system and sell the output to buyers other than Consumers Energy.

What You Should Know

To install and connect a self-generated electricity system to the Consumers Energy distribution system, you must comply with applicable state rules and tariffs.

Connections must be completed in a way that protects our customers and employees from risks that could result from improper installation of customer generation.

Interconnection Process - Learn more about connecting to our electric distribution system.

Once connected, customers have a number of options available for the sale of the electricity generated. The connection process and the electricity generation options are discussed in detail below:

Electricity Sale Options - Learn more about selling your self-generated electricity to us.

Net Metering Program - Learn more about offsetting the electricity used by your home or business.

Experimental Advanced Renewable Program - Learn more about generating electricity using solar photovoltaic and/or anaerobic digester systems and selling it back to the utility for a set price.

If you're looking to produce more than 100 kilowatts of electricity and sell power to Consumers Energy, please contact us.