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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Electric Choice

At Consumers Energy, we offer customers the opportunity to choose their own electric supplier – also known as Electric Customer Choice. Michigan’s energy policy helps us serve and protect customers by setting a 10 percent limit based on the company’s previous calendar year’s weather adjusted sales.  The 10% cap provides regulatory and financial certainty for Consumers Energy to invest billions in utility operations, creating jobs and sparking the economy. Information on the current status of the program can be found on the "Retail Open Access" page.

What Are My Choices?

As an electric customer, you have three choices.

  • You may continue buying your electricity from Consumers Energy
  • You may choose to switch to another supplier
  • You may choose to switch back to Consumers Energy after using another supplier

No matter which choice you make, Consumers Energy will continue to deliver your electricity, read your meter and perform billing, and respond to outages and service inquiries.

Making Your Choice

I want to switch to another supplier

  1. Visit the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) website for a list of participating suppliers. Use the "How Do You Decide" checklist and talk with the suppliers to gather prices and other details before making your decision
  2. Choose a supplier and sign up. Your switch will be confirmed when the name and phone number of your new supplier is on your energy bill.
  3. The supplier you choose sets the price you pay for electricity and Consumers Energy delivers the supplier's electricity to you.
  4. Your new supplier can bill you for their electricity; we'll bill you for our delivery of it. Or, the supplier can have Consumers Energy bill you for their electricity.

I want to switch again to another supplier other than Consumers Energy

  1. Choose a supplier and sign up. Your new supplier will coordinate the switch with us.

I want to switch back to Consumers Energy after using another supplier

  1. Contact your current supplier and let them know you want to switch. They will handle the details.
  2. You pay Consumers Energy's current price for electricity based on your classification of service.
  3. Consumers Energy sends you one bill. It will list the cost of our electricty and our delivery charge.

You may switch suppliers once a month. Your first switch is free. Each additional switch is $5. Be sure to check any contract you sign with a supplier before switching to see if there are penalties for early termination.

Technical Information

Rates and Rules (tariffs)

Retailer Handbook (January 2016) to participate in Electric Customer Choice

Wireless equipment requirements for connection to electric metering devices

If you have questions about Electric Customer Choice, you can find answers in our frequently asked questions, contact us by email, or call (800) 805-0490.


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