Mobile Website

Report Outages and Get Restoration Times with the New Mobile Website

Outage Restoration appWith the new mobile website, Consumers Energy customers can report a power outage and get a service restoration estimate 24/7 when using a smart phone.

When customers visit the Consumers Energy website using a smart phone, they automatically will be connected to the new mobilesite.
The mobile website works on BlackBerrys®, Droids, iPhones, Windows®7 mobile devices and other smart phones.

The mobile website also features links to other services and information on Consumers Energy’s website, as well as the company’s social media mobile pages at Facebook, Twitter® and YouTube.

The mobile website gives customers another option to report a power outage and receive estimated restoration times. 

It’s only necessary to report an outage once. After reporting, customers can get an estimated restoration time via any of three options:

  • Mobile website
  • Website at our "Report an Electric Outage" page
  • Call toll-free (800) 477-5050, Option 2 for automated phone option

Count on Consumers Energy to provide innovative technology solutions, such as the customer service mobile website, to meet your current and future needs.