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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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PeopleCare-2013Kindness Knows No Season in Michigan

Since 1983, donations from Consumers Energy, its customers, and employees have allowed The Salvation Army to provide assistance to more than 340,000 Michigan households with a total contribution of $52 million dollars. By providing short-term emergency aid to those who need it most, PeopleCare makes a big difference in the lives of families who need a helping hand. It could be a family whose home was destroyed by fire, a parent diagnosed with a serious medical condition, or a wage earner who has been laid off.  Your donation to PeopleCare helps provide essential supportive services for those faced with a sudden financial crisis. Find out how your donations help Michigan residents in need.

Since the program’s inception, Consumers Energy has worked with The Salvation Army (Eastern Michigan Division and Western Michigan and Northern Indiana Division), which determines eligibility and distributes the aid. PeopleCare is available at Salvation Army community centers throughout Consumers Energy’s lower-peninsula service territory.

To make a tax-deductible contribution, there are 3 channels of donation, also outlined in the PeopleCare online brochure.

  • Check a box on your October or April bill to donate $3 monthly or $5 one-time.
  • Make a secure online donation
  • Make a one-time check or money order payable to PeopleCare and mail to:

Salvation Army ShieldPeopleCare
c/o The Salvation Army
P.O. Box 27518
Lansing, MI 48909

What Michigan Beneficiaries are Saying

  • "Your program saved us. The dignity and respect we received was amazing and we cannot thank you enough!"
  • "Everything was great for me. I left feeling blessed instead of feeling like a burden and a failure."
  • "I am really grateful for the help I obtained, since I was sick for three months and unable to work."