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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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What Consumers Energy does for you

For just a few dollars a day, electricity lights your way and powers your day, while natural gas helps warm your nights and cook your meals.

The average daily cost for electricity or natural gas is about $3 a day over the course of a year for residential customers. That’s less than the daily cost of cable TV, a combo meal or a specialty coffee!  And we deliver 24/7.

Keeping Prices as Low as Possible

We’re working hard to keep your electric and natural gas rates affordable. Consumers Energy is among the nation’s leaders when it comes to holding down its operations and maintenance costs while providing reliable service to customers.

Here are a few ways we control costs to help keep prices as low as possible for you and other customers:

  • We buy natural gas during the summer when it generally costs less and store it in our underground fields located throughout Michigan
  • We’re reducing power plant fuel costs by increasing the use of lower-priced Western coal from Wyoming and Montana.
  • Comprehensive recycling and waste minimization programs help reduce hazardous waste shipments and lower electric generation costs. Consumers Energy recycles more than 20 major types of waste
  • A robust line-clearing maintenance program helps increase system reliability and reduce tree-related outages and restoration costs
  • We have a variety of electric generation facilities and run the most efficient units more often. We reserve our other units for times when customer demand is at its highest and buying power on the open market would be more expensive 

Helping Lower Your Bill with Energy Efficiency Programs

It sounds odd for a company to help reduce demand for the product it produces and sells. But we understand that energy efficiency is one of America’s greatest untapped sources of power. We’re thinking creatively to help customers save money and energy by reducing their demand for electricity and natural gas. Learn more about our Energy Efficiency Programs.

Responding to Emergencies 24/7

Our crews work in all types of weather conditions to restore your electricity service when it’s interrupted by storms or other causes. Report a power outage online and get restoration information.

If you think you have a natural gas emergency, go to a safe location.  Then call Consumers Energy toll-free at
(800) 477-5050.  We'll respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at no charge.  Learn the 3 Rs of natural gas safety — recognize, react and report.