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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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What Consumers Energy does for Michigan

We plan to invest more than $7 billion in Michigan through 2018 with our Growing Forward strategy. As one of the state’s largest investors, our substantial investments will create jobs, strengthen Michigan communities and help boost the state’s economy. And, as one of Michigan’s largest landowners and taxpayers ($195 million annually in local and state taxes), we have a significant impact on the state’s economy. Plus, our 7,500 employees and their families are woven into the fabric of your community. Visit our Corporate Social Responsibility section to see how we are taking care of Michigan.

Buying Michigan-made Products

We’re not only a corporation; we’re also a major customer. Providing energy for much of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula is a big job, requiring vast and widely varied supplies and services. In 2012, Consumers Energy invested about $590M million back into the state’s economy by purchasing goods and services directly from Michigan-based companies. The company has increased its efforts to spend money on local suppliers by supporting the Pure Michigan Business Connect.

Consumers Energy Supports Pure Michigan Business Connect

Pure Michigan Business ConnectWe’re helping Michigan build a new “bridge” to a better economic future for the state’s small- and medium-sized businesses through the Pure Michigan Business Connect initiative.

In 2011, we made a commitment to increase our spending with Michigan-based suppliers by $250 million, or $50 million a year, as part of a new effort to attract and expand business opportunities throughout the state. In 2012, the company doubled this $250 million commitment to $500 million and in 2013 it was doubled again to $1 billion. This is in addition to the $2 billion the company already spends each year as one of the state’s largest purchaser of goods and services.

We’re working with the state of Michigan, the Michigan Economic Development Corp., DTE Energy and other companies to support Pure Michigan Business Connect.

To support the initiative, we’ve implemented a new purchasing policy to make it easier to conduct business with Michigan-based suppliers, including the development of a simplified and streamlined process for contract services. Other factors that influence our supplier selection include price, lead-time, quality, terms and conditions, service and financial strength, and sound safety practices.

With the exception of fuel and purchased power, 53% of the company’s spending for materials and services was made with Michigan companies in 2012.

For details, visit the Pure Michigan Business Connect website.

Balanced Approach for Michigan's Future Energy Needs

Our Clean Energy Plan will help maintain affordable and reliable supplies of electricity for Michigan's families and businesses for the next 20 years. The plan includes energy efficiency, demand management, expanding renewable energy and utilizing existing generating resources.

Careful Stewardship of Michigan's Resources

As one of Michigan’s largest landowners, we know caring for the state’s water, wetlands and wildlife is a serious responsibility. Wherever we do business, our activities are consistent with sound environmental practices. Here are a few examples:

  • Renewable energy: About 5 percent of the electricity we supply today to customers already comes from renewable sources such as hydroelectric, wind, biomass and anaerobic digesters. That makes Consumers Energy the largest supplier of renewable energy in Michigan. We will more than double that total by 2015, mainly by tapping the state’s vast wind power potential. Learn more.
  • Recycling initiatives: The utility uses comprehensive recycling and waste minimization programs and follows purchasing initiatives that feature recycled products and are friendly to the environment. Recycling and waste minimization efforts in full force since 1992 have helped Consumers Energy reduce hazardous waste shipments by 90 percent. Consumers Energy recycles more than 20 major types of waste. In addition, Consumers Energy has a number of energy saving measures in place at its facilities: high efficiency heating and cooling systems, motion sensors to reduce lighting and efficient use of natural lighting.
  • Wildlife habitats: From protecting precious flowers to building nesting platforms for bald eagles, our continuing commitment to caring for Michigan’s flora and fauna remains firm. We routinely fund stewardship efforts and have earned high marks for environmental clean-up efforts.
  • Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PEV): Consumers Energy offers tips, residential rate options, PEV calculator and other information to assist you on the road to enjoying your new PEV im Michigan.

Buying Michigan-made Products

We’re not only a corporation. We’re also a major customer.  Providing energy for much of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula is a big job, requiring vast and widely varied supplies and services. Each year, Consumers Energy pumps about $347 million back into the state’s economy by purchasing goods and services from Michigan-based companies to keep energy flowing to customers.

A Helping Hand for People in Michigan

Consumers Energy, its employees, retirees and philanthropic arm, the Consumers Energy Foundation, contributed $5 million to Michigan nonprofit organizations in 2010. The United Way was the largest single recipient with nearly $1.8 million contributed to 57 local United Way organizations. Grants totaling more than $3.3 million were awarded to 895 projects. Consumers Energy Foundation Annual Report.

Volunteers Make Good Things Happen

Our employees and retirees earn Volunteer Investment Program (VIP) grants for youth centers and shelters, service clubs, scouts and 4-H groups, volunteer fire departments and youth sports groups, including those for the physically impaired. In 2010, VIP grants totaled more than $216,000 to 438 organizations on behalf of 533 employees and retirees.  Learn more.

Kindness Know No Season in Michigan with PeopleCare

Since 1983, donations from Consumers Energy, its customers and employees have allowed The Salvation Army to provide assistance with food, clothing, shelter, electricity, heating and so much more to more than 300,000 Michigan households. Learn more about the PeopleCare program.