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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Whiting Generating Facility

Fossil Fuels

Coal, Natural Gas and Oil.

Fossil-fueled plants that use coal, natural gas and oil to heat water and produce steam account for almost 80 percent of our electric generating capacity. Because of its price advantage, coal is used to meet more than 50 percent of our customers’ demand.

While studies show Michigan’s air is the cleanest it has ever been in the modern era, we are investing more than $800 million at our fossil-fueled plants over the next few years to further control air emissions.

We own and operate four generating facilities along the Great Lakes. J.H. Campbell, B.C. Cobb, D.E. Karn/J.C. Weadock, and J.R. Whiting are all certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council.