Renewable Energy

Windmill closeupProducing clean, renewable energy is nothing new at Consumers Energy.

We’ve been in the renewable energy business since the early 20th century when we began building hydroelectric dams to harness the power of Michigan’s rushing rivers. 

Today, about 8 percent of Consumers Energy's present power supply comes from renewable sources such as wind, biomass, hydroelectric, and anaerobic digesters.

We understand the importance of limiting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, reducing dependence on imported oil and increasing energy security. We’re optimistic about renewable energy’s potential, as one part of a balanced energy approach to make a positive impact on Michigan’s economic and environmental future.

That’s why we welcomed the comprehensive energy reforms passed by the state Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Jennifer Granholm late in 2008. In addition to removing barriers to investing in environmentally friendly, new baseload generation needed by the state, the new law established Michigan’s first Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). The RPS requires 10 percent of the state’s electricity supply to come from renewable sources by 2015.

To meet our RPS obligations, we plan to build and own half of this new capacity and buy the remaining half from third-party suppliers. For more information on our renewable energy plan please see the Renewable Energy webpage on our Taking Care Corporate Social Responsibility website.

Barn wind turbines 

Wind Farm Development

We have secured more than 75,000 acres of Michigan farmland to develop wind farms on both sides of the state.    Learn more  

husband and wife with silo in background 

Eager for Wind Turbine

Barry and Sally Hedley are eager to put a wind turbine on the land they’ve farmed for more than 40 years in Tuscola County.  Go 

tractor with windmill in background 

Purchasing Electricity

We’re purchasing electricity generated by the Michigan Wind I wind farm in Michigan’s Thumb region for our Green Generation program.   Learn more