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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Energy Consulting

Our consulting services can address any and all energy-related issues that you may have.

two men consulting at deskReceive solutions to your specific energy-related problems. We can simply make a recommendation, or we can recommend, create and implement the solution.

Are you unhappy with your current air compression or lighting system performance? Are you planning to replace equipment or expand your business? Do you have a higher than average energy cost per square foot of facility for your business category? Do you have self-generation capability or interests?

Over 120 years of experience in the energy business. Our experienced professional engineers and certified energy managers can answer these questions and more.

Services we provide include:


For more information about our energy management services or to receive a cost estimate for one of those services, contact us toll-free at (800) 805-0490 and ask to speak to a representative, e-mail us at or complete the form to request additional information.

These products/services are not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission.

Generation Analysis 

A review of co-generation or self-generation systems and their associated cost. Potential benefits include:

  • Increased energy savings through system and operational changes.
  • More cost-effective existing or proposed generation facilities.
  • Shaved peak demand.
  • A model of your system such that you can check savings a few times each year making adjustments for changing energy rates, maintenance costs or even operating hours.
  • A review of all energy consuming equipment that is part of your generation systems such as heat recovery boilers, absorption chillers, steam turbines, standby electric costs or waste heat rejection systems.

A Compressed Air System Study 

A look at your total air compression system, and identify methods to reduce energy consumption through improvements in design, operation, and maintenance of your system. You benefit by getting answers to questions such as:

  • Am I compressing air at too high a pressure?
  • How much will I save by repairing air leaks?
  • Would I benefit from heat recovery?
  • Am I operating too much air compressor?
  • Which air compressor is the most efficient?
  • Can I isolate my air system more effectively?

Boiler Emissions Testing 

A test performed by experienced test technicians using calibrated instrumentation to meet applicable State and Federal regulations.

  • Includes the relative accuracy test audit (RATA).
  • Permanently installed Continuous Emissions

Monitoring Systems (CEMS) can require initial and periodic quality assurance audit tests to ensure that they are functioning properly.


Powerhouse Operations Study 

Shows you how to improve your operations, better plan for your future and save energy today. Large amounts of energy are consumed in energy centers that house central systems like boilers, air compressors and chillers.

Benefit from a review of your operations and receive customized energy improvement recommendations from a qualified Consumers Energy representative, who will study your energy center to answer these questions and more:

  • Am I operating my boilers, chillers, hot water heaters and air compression systems in the most efficient manner?
  • Am I recovering heat as I should?
  • Is there more efficient equipment on the market that we should consider in our long range planning?
  • Can the existing equipment be modified to use less energy?


Specialty Energy Monitoring 

Helps you measure the benefit of your energy investment by using measures such as: cost per square foot, usage per square foot, lumens per square foot, cost per number of employees, consumption per hour of occupancy, etc.

Our energy monitoring and analysis program is ideal for customers with multiple facilities or buildings. Use Specialty Energy Monitoring to:

  • Measure energy use with temporary or permanently installed meters.
  • Independently verify predicted project energy savings with additional engineering analysis
  • Trend energy consumption, meter savings, diagnose consumption increases early and compare to energy use base lines.


Energy Distribution Analysis 

Have you ever wondered where all that energy is going? We can help you find out what is using it.

The analysis will help you:

  • Measure true product costs
  • Determine how well you are you shutting down equipment
  • Improve allocation of energy costs among departments or units.


High Energy Costs Analysis 

Get professional advice to help determine why your energy costs may have increased, how you might correct the situation, or to compare the energy use of two similar facilities and discover why they might be different.


Special Projects 

If it has energy involved, our custom solutions can assist you in your business plan.

Would you like to install some new equipment, expand your business or maybe just replace windows?

We can help you determine the most energy efficient solutions and estimate energy savings and installation costs so you better understand potential benefits.