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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Energy Programs

Develop an energy program and create the ability to continuously improve and optimize energy efficiency!

two men looking at overhead lightsConsumers Energy can assist you with any of the energy programs listed below, or we can tailor a program to meet your specific needs.

We have over 120 years of experience in the energy business.


Our experienced professional engineers and certified energy managers can help find solutions to your energy problems through the following options:


Energy Monitoring and Reporting 

Optimize your energy use through a measurement and reporting system.

  • Track your progress toward your energy goals.
  • Trend important energy indicators.
  • Sub-meter separate business units or systems.


Energy Savings Verification 

Get an unbiased opinion from one of our energy professionals to verify energy project savings.

  • Verify savings before or after energy project implementation.
  • Review calculations and methods and if necessary measure results.
  • Improve your program’s credibility today!


Training and Education 

Knowledge saves power. Invite one of our energy managers to train your employees on the cost of wasted energy and conservation techniques that impact the bottom line.

  • Increase employee awareness of your energy goals.
  • Engage your employees in energy conservation.
  • Eliminate energy costs caused by unnecessarily high temperatures, doors left open, lights left on and equipment idling.


Partnering with Consumers Energy 

Let our energy experts partner with your business experts to reduce the energy required to operate and maintain your facilities.

BASIC Service includes:
  • Regular Energy Reports designed to help monitor your progress.
  • Annual on-site “energy evaluations” which will identify areas for improvement, review all energy projects status, review progress of energy savings, and include a meeting with your energy team to discuss the evaluation.
  • Ongoing Phone Assistance to answer tough questions.

OPTIONAL Services include:

  • Ongoing energy management advice and participation in your energy team meetings by a Consumers Energy professional.
  • One to three Targeted Assessments per year designed to provide you a clear picture of installation costs and savings associated with new energy projects.

Targeted Assessments include: 

  • Lighting
  • Compressed Air
  • Steam
  • Production
  • Heat Recovery
  • Motors
  • Where Energy Is Used At Your Facility
  • Demand Shaving
  • Training to engage the workforce in energy conservation and savings.
  • Consulting Services for Energy Estimates, Project Cost Estimates, and Technical advice.

Energy Reduction Programs: 

  • Shut it off when not in use
  • Energy Savings Verification (verify that you are achieving the savings you expect from your energy savings projects)
  • Assignment of a full or part time energy engineer to your site who will work with you to meet your energy goals.
  • Turnkey project installation services. 


Shut it Off When Not in Use 

Reduce energy when your facility is not in full operation. Let Consumers Energy monitor your shut downs, recommend improvements and estimate energy savings.


ISO 14001 “Environmental Management” 

When it comes to energy conservation we have professionals that can help develop goal-setting strategies, a plan with actionable projects to meet your energy goal, and record-keeping processes necessary to satisfy that aspect of your commitment.

For more information about our energy management services or to receive a cost estimate for one of those services, contact us toll-free at (800) 805-0490 and ask to speak to a representative, e-mail us at or complete the form to request additional information.

These products/services are not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission.