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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Sales Tax Programs

Are you paying too much in Michigan sales tax?

hand writing checkDid you know that energy used for production or research and development activities, both gas & electric, is exempt from state sales tax? If you’ve paid in error, you may be able to collect up to four years of back taxes.

This can mean some pretty big savings!

Sales Tax Audit Get help determining the percentage of your energy use that can be exempted from state sales tax.

  • Better account for the manner in which electricity, natural gas and other fuels are used in your facility.
  • Receive an estimate of the energy consumed by your equipment from an experienced energy manager.
  • Determine the percentage of energy use that is non-taxable by the state of Michigan.
  • Receive a customized report.

Site visits of your facility are performed by one of our experienced energy managers to estimate the energy consumed by your equipment. Your non-production related consumption is compared to your total energy use to yield a percentage of the billing that is non-production or taxable by the state of Michigan. You are advised to use the information in consultation with your tax advisor in making a determination as to the extent that you may qualify for an industrial processing exemption.

The results are then delivered to you in the form of a report.

The report includes:

  • Non-production energy use estimates and supporting calculations.
  • A CD containing the energy use calculations such that you can make changes to your building configuration and operating hours as it changes.

Update your estimate: Have you already had one of our audits? Increasing production space and/or equipment or reducing office space/storage can affect the percent of load attributed to non-production. If so, it may be time to update your non-production energy use estimate and we can help.


For more information on how to determine your actual energy bill sales tax, contact us toll-free at (800) 805-0490, e-mail us at or complete the form to request additional information.

These products/services are not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission.