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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Indoor Lighting

Proper indoor lighting can help boost employee productivity or enhance the visual appearance of your products while reducing energy costs.

business indoor lightingGet experience you can trust. We have served our commercial, industrial, schools, and hospital customers with lighting upgrades for over 10 years.

Our professionals can pinpoint problems, then help you select and install energy-efficient solutions to correct them. We can help you cut your lighting costs by as much as 40%.

Project suggestions

  • Upgrade T12 fluorescent lights with new energy efficient T8 or T5 lamps and electronic ballasts, while optimizing lamp count and switching
  • Upgrade incandescent lighting to new high efficiency compact fluorescent lamps
  • Upgrade exit signs using new LED lamp technology
  • Upgrade high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures to new energy efficient 4,6 or 8 lamp fluorescent or pulse start technologies
  • Upgrade outside site lighting such as wall packs and parking lot pole lighting with higher efficiency lamps and controls
  • Upgrade lighting control systems to include bi-level switching, daylight harvesting, motion sensors, photo cells, on/off controllers, astronomic timers and automatic dimming controls

Our Capabilities

  • Complete service available, from design to installation
  • Our specialist will help with selection of the proper color and lumen output desired to meet your specific lighting requirements whether that be high lumen levels for inspection of parts, or light color to beautify product 
  • Site measurement of lumen levels
  • Estimates of energy savings and project payback are available
  • Retrofit existing light fixtures (replace ballasts and lamps only)
  • Group re-lamping services available to help maintain light output
  • Identification and removal of redundant lighting
  • Proper disposal of old lighting materials
  • Provide access to financing for lighting project
  • Full service or turnkey projects available

Contact our company representative toll-free at (800) 805-0490, e-mail us at, or complete the form to request more information.

This product/service is not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission.