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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Emergency Officials

First Responder Training  

We provide in-person education sessions for emergency officials, such as police and fire departments, on natural gas or electric hazards and responding to utility-related emergencies. Contact our Public Safety Outreach team to request safety training and educational resources. Find a Public Safety Outreach team member in your area.

Truck Guide ElecTruck Guide Gas                                

Request our emergency officials truck guide- One book covers both Natural Gas and Electric safety specifically geared toward emergency officials and first responders.

Emergency Planning, Joint Exercises, and Issue Resolution

Our Public Safety Outreach team can connect you to resources to help improve coordination during emergencies. Contact us to discuss our emergency response plans, first responder expectations, or to schedule an emergency exercise.

We want your feedback, and are happy to meet with your department following an incident to identify areas for improvement and develop an after action report.

Emergency Operations Center Liaison

 Real-time coordination is essential to an effective emergency response. Contact us to meet with our Public Safety Outreach team so we can provide an Incident Command System (ICS) trained liaison to your emergency operations center.

Pipeline Emergencies

For more information on responding to pipeline emergencies please visit our Natural Gas Safety page or view our brochure for First Responders and Emergency Officials.

Put safety first in first response