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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Michigan communities across Consumers Energy’s service territory depend on nearly 160,000 streetlights for public safety and security.


The lighting landscape soon will change in Michigan as mercury vapor lighting, a mainstay in community streetlighting for many years, is being phased out.

Replacement Plan

Because of federal and state policy changes, Consumers Energy is encouraging communities to review their streetlighting and work with the utility to develop a long-term plan for this transition.  Develop a long-term streetlighting plan


Decorative Streetlighting

Consumers Energy offers several options to help you enhance the streetscape and beauty of your town, city or private development with decorative streetlighting. Add appeal and charm to your business, retail and residential districts with state-of-the-art lights that are stylish, affordable, reliable AND energy efficient.  Improve city streetscapes with decorative streetlighting

Report a Streetlight Problem

You may report streetlight outages online. You will be asked to fill out a brief form with your information, location and a description of the problem.

decorative streetlight

Industrial Lighting 

Industrial Lighting

Find out how to install energy-efficient lighting here and you can cut your lighting costs by as much as 40%.


Doing Business With Us

Become an approved supplier or contractor to Consumers Energy. Current bid opportunities for materials