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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Options for Business

Discover Green Generation™ for your business

Options for BusinessAre your employees, customers, investors and community challenging your commitment to a sustainable environment? Participating in the Consumers Energy Green Generation program is an easy way to make a real difference and to show dedication to Michigan’s future.

Join the many Michigan businesses who are already enjoying the value Green Generation provides. Choose the plan that is right for you: 

Green Team Icon

Join GreenTeam to match 100% of your monthly energy use for only a 1 cent premium per kilowatt hour. With this option, your Green Generation contribution fluctuates to match the amount of energy used each month. Businesses that use more than 15,000 kilowatt-hours per month benefit from a reduced cost of only $0.0085 per kilowatt-hour.

Green Blocks Icon

Join GreenBlocks to pick your contribution level each month in increments of only $1.50. With this option, your Green Generation contribution will remain fixed until you choose to change it. If your business commits to 100 or more individual GreenBlocks each month, you will receive a discounted price of $1.275 per block.

 Regardless of which great option you choose, your Green Generation premium will be conveniently added to your monthly Consumers Energy statement as a separate line item.

Both options are premiums to your normal energy-use costs to help offset the cost of producing renewable energy. Initial participation is required for a minimum of 12 months.

LEED certification credits

If you join the Consumers Energy Green Generation program, you also qualify for credits toward your LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Learn more at the U.S. Green Building Council website.

  • Existing buildings may qualify for credits by participating in Green Generation at a level that represents a minimum of 15% of the building's monthly electric consumption. Additional credits can be earned by increasing the level of commitment in Green Generation.
  • Newly constructed buildings may qualify for credits by entering into a two-year Green Generation participation agreement and subscribing to a level of participation that represents at least 35 percent of the estimated monthly electric consumption.

Enroll in Green Generation today.