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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Power Quality Basics


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We’ll help you understand why the power that’s supplied to your electrical equipment may vary.

Your power could be affected by one of the following situations:


This interruption, or outage, could last from a few seconds to several days depending on the seriousness of the incident. Failed equipment, animals, weather or accidents may cause an interruption in the electrical supply to your business. As a power quality solution, we can provide you with battery back-up protection and emergency generators to keep your business running until your electrical power is restored.

Voltage sags

This short-term drop in voltage occurs when there’s a disturbance, or fault activity, in the wiring of the utility or customer’s wiring system. Voltage sags may stop electronically controlled production lines and result in lost production, reduced labor hours and late deliveries. As a solution, we offer energy storage devices, such as battery back-up protection, voltage regulators and tap-changing transformers.

Voltage transients

Known as spikes or surges, these short-voltage or current bursts occur when there’s lightning, loose wiring or other fault activity. To improve your power quality, we provide lightning and surge protection along with wiring and ground improvements.

Power factors

equipment that tests electricityA power factor is an efficiency measurement used in the electrical industry. From a utility standpoint, maintaining a high power factor reduces the current flow that’s needed to improve loading conditions and stabilize distribution voltage. As a result, most utilities charge additional fees when power factors drop below the 80 percent minimum on custom's bills. To help you avoid paying these fees, we can improve power factors by changing equipment operations and installing capacitor or harmonic filter banks.


Harmonics, or unwanted noises on voltage signals, are created when using electronic equipment. Harmonics can affect equipment throughout a facility. Harmonic filter banks can help manage this problem.

Wiring and grounding

Loose wiring and improper grounding may contribute to power quality issues. Following the National Electrical Code, a national standard for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment, may not ensure the proper operation of electronic equipment. If you’re currently using high-end electronic equipment, then your system may no longer be up to code. To help you bring your system up to code and improve power quality, we can apply advanced wiring and grounding techniques.

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