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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Power Factor Studies and Solutions

man in hardhat and gloves working on electric panel

Our reliable power factor studies can help your business avoid equipment damage, equipment failure and potential safety incidents.

Power Factor is an efficiency measurement used in the electrical industry.

During a power factor study, we will:

  • Monitor the secondary sides of all primary transformer banks for at least one hour, including the analysis of kW, kVA, kVAR, PF, voltage, current and harmonic voltage/current distortion
  • Document and analyze data to determine the most economic solution for your business
  • Produce and present a written report for your business about our findings

We’ll try to determine whether your business needs power factor correction equipment and if that equipment will bring financial savings to your business.

This equipment will help raise your business’s power factor, improve loading conditions and stabilize distribution voltage. Having a power factor of 80 percent or more may help save money on your energy bill.

If your business utilizes equipment such as personal computers, variable speed and frequency drives, and furnace loads, the power factor solution may require a harmonic filter bank.

For fast, reliable assistance with your power factor needs, please contact us at (800) 805-0490 or at

These products and services are not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission.