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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Equipment Sales and Installation

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We can provide you with top-notch, dependable equipment if your business experiences problems with a power quality issue.

Our experienced professionals also will perform a complete turnkey installation for the following equipment:

Emergency generators

Weather and other uncontrollable forces can cause unexpected power interruptions for indefinite periods of time. We will help you select and install the right standby power equipment. For details, please click here.

UPS protection

Most of our clients use UPS protection as a battery backup for critical computer loads, including file servers. Our UPS protection is available in two units – StandBy and On-Line, while On-Line UPS units provide optimum power conditioning and battery backup power with no transfer time.

StandBy UPS units offer minor power conditioning and require a short transfer time when switching to battery power, while On-Line UPS units provide optimum power conditioning and require almost no time when transferring to battery power.

Surge protection

We install surge protection in a multi-tiered approach, including first, second and third levels. To ensure high-quality equipment, our surge protection equipment also is UL 1449 second edition listed.

Line reactors

We install line reactors at variable speed and frequency drives to protect them against surges and nuisance tripping caused by utility capacitor bank switching operations.

Power factor correction

For your power factor correction needs, we provide standard capacitor banks, harmonic-hardened capacitor banks, harmonic filter banks and automatic switching banks. We will perform a power factor study to identify the right equipment for your business.

For your equipment sales and installation needs, please contact us at (800) 805-0490 or at

These products and services are not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission.