Cellular Telephone Information for

Electric Metering Installations

As a result of the cell phone service providers’ network changes, currently used cellular equipment will need to be changed.  Consumers Energy is testing possible solutions for compatibility with our systems.  Once testing is complete, additional specifications will be communicated.  In the meantime, we encourage you to NOT purchase any additional cell phones for use in telecommunication to Consumers Energy meters.  If you have a specific customer location that is in need of being processed via cellular, please contact ecc@cmsenergy.com with details.

Approved Cellular Phones for Connection to Electric Metering Devices 


Manufacturer Model Name Model Number
Telenetics Omega OM-DIGX-2K-1CO-oA
Trans Tel Group Inc. RTS-DataPak-C RTS-DataPak-C


Note: The devices listed are the only models approved for use with Consumers Energy metering equipment. Both devices require a PC or laptop computer for programming or, the cellular phone provider can program the phone with over the air programming.

The Omega model is now marketed by CalAmp.

Cellular Telephone Equipment Specifications


Enclosure NEMA Type 3, 3R or 4 UL approved
Mounting holes
Knock outs in the bottom for conduit
Power Supply 90 - 277 Vac 60Hz
Fuse Protected
User programmable
Dial Tone
Standard loop start interface
Must provide dial tone and ringer for standard modem operations
RJ11 jack, terminal connection or both
Antenna Connection for external antenna provided
Operating Range
-20F to 120F
Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)


While Consumers Energy does not endorse any specific provider for equipment or cell service, all digital devices need to be equipped with an analog-to-digital converter.