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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Wireless Cellular Information for

Electric Metering Installations

To keep pace with changes in cellular devices and technology, we’re switching to the Aclara Metrum Cellular External device for electric metering installations. Because of this, your existing cellular equipment will need to be replaced.

Approved Cellular Device for Connection to Electric Metering Devices 

Manufacturer Model Name Item Number
Aclara Metrum Cellular External ECMV-EX-00000

The Aclara Metrum Cellular External device is the only model approved for use with Consumers Energy metering equipment. Exact ordering specifications are below. For more information on the device, visit

Metrum Device Ordering Specifications 

Enclosure NEMA Type 3, 3R or 4 UL approved
Mounting holes
Knock outs in the bottom of the unit for a conduit
Power Supply 120V-480V AC 60Hz
Internally fuse-protected
Connection External CDMA cellular communications device with RS232 on port 1700 at 9600 baud rate
Antenna External antenna as needed based on signal strength (additional costs will apply)
Requirements Metrum installation must be within two feet of the meter service location. Installations must be configured to allow data collection equipment to communicate with the meter. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide power to any wireless installation. The customer shall furnish, install, own and maintain all customer-owned service equipment, including all wiring and conduits.
Operating Range
-20F to 120F
Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)

How to order and install the Metrum cellular device 

Step 1: RESCO

  • Contact Steve Brietzman. To purchase Aclara’s Metrum Cellular External device, contact Steve Brietzman at RESCO at 800-356-9370, extension 307, or via email at Use the ordering specifications above when placing the order. Let Steve know Consumers Energy requires access to the Metrum modem to retrieve meter data.
  • Keep Consumers Energy informed. Let Consumers Energy know when you’ve ordered the Metrum device, and when you’ve received your device. Send emails to or call 800-805-0490 and request the electric choice department. We will be happy to coordinate a meeting with you at the meter site to exchange the electric meter and ensure successful installation and operation of the Metrum device.
  • Other notes:
    • Once ordered, the Metrum device should arrive in four to six weeks.
    • You are responsible for installation of the Metrum device. Please contact a licensed electrician to install it.
    • Do not remove the old cellular device until the meter exchange is complete.

Step 2: ACLARA

  • Contact Aclara to select a data plan. After you’ve ordered the Metrum device, Contact Aclara at 800-297-2728, or via email at for data service requirements.
  • Send an email to Aclara’s support team. Send an email to to let Aclara know the meter installation will be in Michigan, and Consumers Energy requires access to the Metrum modem to retrieve meter data. Be sure to include your Aclara order number. Other questions and support of the Metrum device can be directed to Aclara at 800-297-2728 or

If you have any questions, please contact Consumers Energy at 800-805-0490 and ask for the electric choice department, or send an email to