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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Retail Open Access


Consumers Energy's electric Retail Open Access program (also known as Electric Customer Choice) participation is limited to no more than 10% of the company's previous calendar year's weather adjusted sales. Information on the current status of the program is shown below in megawatt-hours (MWh):

ROA 10% Cap Tracking system (CTS) Report

Updated as of January 18, 2017

Consumers Energy 2016 Calendar Year Sales

37,633,027 MWh

Consumers Energy 2016 Weather Adjusted Retail Sales   37,126,125 MWh
Consumers Energy 2017 ROA Cap

 3,712,613 MWh

Current Choice Participation Level (enrolled and active at 100%) 

3,890,936 MWh

2017 Available Energy Allotments in MWh  0 MWh
Customers in Queue


Total Load in Queue

 6,339,872 MWh

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Phone: (800) 805-0490

To find out information on Consumers Energy Year to Date Sales, see the 45 Day report .