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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Electric Safety

Stay a safe distance from power lines! 

Downed LinePower lines are not insulated. If you touch a power line, you may be severely injured or killed. Always assume power lines on the ground or overhead, are energized and dangerous. Stay at least 25 feet away from power lines and anything they may be touching.

If you see a down or sagging wire:

Stay far away and call us at 1-800-477-5050

  • Don't take chances! Even if a sagging or broken wire on the ground isn't sparking, it could still be deadly. Do not touch anything a down wire is touching, including water, trees, debris or fences.
  • Stay Away and Stay Alive. If a wire is crossing a road or driveway, do not attempt to move the wire. Stay away and call us with the address so our repair crew can get there as quickly as possible.

Experiencing an outage? Visit our Outage Center

Look up and look out for power lines when you:

  • Move a ladder
  • Clean gutters, clean your pool, or paint
  • Work on top of a building
  • Install an antenna or satellite dish
  • Trim trees
  • Move a sailboat or other large equipment
  • Climb trees. Don’t allow kids to climb trees near power lines.
  • Fly kites and model airplanes

Maintain a distance of at least 10 feet when working near power lines, including any tools or equipment you are using. Metal ladders, cranes and some other specialized equipment require 20 feet clearance. Higher voltages require even greater distances. If you are planning a project within 20 feet of an overhead power line, contact us in advance to make safety arrangements: 1-800-477-5050.

If a branch, kite, or other object lands on a power line or gets tangled in a downed wire, do not attempt to retrieve it. Stay away and call us. 

Identify what is yours and ours to maintain and repair.

Tree Trimming

 Never trim trees with power lines running through them. Call our forestry department for a free estimate: 800-582-4238.

Never allow kids to play around electrical equipment such as substations, transformers, utility poles, or power lines. Teach them how to recognize the dangers with the interactive games on our kids’ website.