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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Work Order Status

Use the Work Order Status application to view an open work order.  The Work Order Status application also allows you to update the callback telephone number on the order or cancel Appliance Service Plan (ASP) orders.

Note: To cancel an Appliance Service Plan (ASP) order or update the callback telephone number, you must log in to your eServices account and click on “Other Services” and then “Order Status”.  If you don’t have an eServices account, create a profile today.

Orders included in this application are:

  • New Service/New Construction
  • Appliance service
  • Non-energy service orders
  • Turn-on orders
  • Damage claims
  • Complaints

You also may check the status of a work order or cancel an Appliance Service Plan (ASP) order by calling (800) 477-5050, option 4 and then option 5.