Healthy Living

The health and well being of our 7,500 employees are a corporate priority.

This companywide “Health Living” initiative includes introducing more nutritious food in cafeterias and vending machines, establishing and upgrading fitness centers, and offering wellness programs. Some sites offer health fairs and health screening opportunities for employees.

We’ve restructured our health care plans to offer additional incentives for employees, pre-Medicare retirees and their covered spouses to take the next step in making informed choices about their health. Employees and their covered spouses are encouraged to take a health risk assessment, using their health care plan’s website to identify any risks and work with their primary care physician and health coach to set a health improvement plan.

Additionally, we’re participating in on-site weight loss programs to encourage employees to stay engaged in their health improvement plan.

employee exercising in gym

Our company encourages employees to maintain healthy lifestyles.