Waste Management and Recycling


Consumers Energy is committed to recycling. We recycle more than 20 major waste streams annually. Throughout the state, we’ve placed special collection bins at our corporate offices, service centers and plants as part of a comprehensive recycling and waste minimization program.

Since the inception of our programs, we have recycled approximately:

  • 523,484 gallons of antifreeze
  • 5,938,603 gallons of used oil
  • 267,780 gallons of fuel
  • 16,266 gallons of paint
  • 608,694 pounds of batteries
  • 26,599 pounds of mercury equipment
  • 55,690 tons of metals
  • 67,822 yards of corrugated cardboard
  • 143,824 yards of paper
  • 253,363 tons  of wood and wood products
  • All units - toner cartridges
  • 611,097 pounds of lamps
  • 190,948 pounds of electronics
  • 111,266 pounds of lighting ballasts
  • 4,985 tons of electrical equipment

These achievements have helped conserve more than 669,000 cubic yards of municipal landfill space and 3,974,000 cubic yards of industrial landfill space saved through ash recycling programs!

We also buy reusable, recycled and other environmentally friendly products as part of our purchasing and supply chain efforts. This includes recycled paper, cardboard products, tires, low-mercury fluorescent lamps and other items.

We continue to stress the importance of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principles and practices as part of our environmental commitment.

Waste Minimization

We are committed to minimizing waste by recycling paper, cardboard, wood, used oil, antifreeze, universal waste, scrap metal and most other recyclable commodities. We strive to minimize our waste generation by using best management practices and using the best method of treatment, storage and disposal currently available which minimizes the present and future threat to human health and the environment.

Our program has been in effect for over 25 years. The program consists of education, workshops, training, and rewards. As well as collecting, tracking, sharing, and publishing records.


Consumers Energy is a member of the Michigan ByProduct Synergy group started in Lansing, Michigan. The purpose of this organization is to introduce large businesses to each other in the hopes that through networking we can find uses for different industry byproducts and discuss solutions for byproducts and waste reduction in Michigan.

We have also been members and participants of the Michigan Recycling Coalition for many years. The purpose of the group is to foster effective resource use and recovery in Michigan. In the past, Consumers Energy has participated by sponsoring, presenting, providing guidance and attending annual events. The group works toward the common goals of waste reduction, recycling, reuse, composting and recycled-content purchasing by developing, supporting and educating a coalition of business, government, non-profit and individual members.

Consumers Energy is a recipient of the Jackson Waste Watchers Award that recognizes efforts of local companies that actively pursue reducing waste and improving recycling. Consumers Energy was recognized at the Waste Watchers annual benefit breakfast for 300 of Jackson, Michigan's business professionals.  

Updated May 2014




 Battle Creek Recycling

Employees are happy to participate in the company's recycling programs. 



Local Field Environmental Coordinator accepts the Waste Watchers award. 


  Waste Watchers Award