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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Decorative Streetlighting

Want to improve your city streetscapes and draw more visitors to your area?

decorative street lightEnhance the streetscape and beauty of your town, city or private development with decorative streetlighting. Add appeal and charm to your business, retail and residential districts with state-of-the-art lights that are stylish, affordable, reliable AND energy efficient.

Take advantage of more than 100 years of experience by calling Consumers Energy. We have experience working with customers such as the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) on streetlighting projects. We can manage your lighting project from concept to completion, saving valuable time and resources.

Our Capabilities

  • Complete service available, from engineering to installation
  • A large selection of poles, fixtures, and colors to meet your needs
  • Pole types can include anchor base or direct burial that have options for receptacles to plug your holiday lights into and banners hangers to promote local events or welcome signs
  • Maintenance of your lighting system including group lamp replacements and customization to meet customer needs
  • Installation coordination (including underground electric service)
  • Access to financing or leasing for all or part of the project
  • Full service or turnkey projects available


Call your Consumers Energy representative toll-free at (800) 805-0490, e-mail us at or complete the form to request additional information.

This product/service is not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission.