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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Statewide Restoration Process

Lineworker three men by truckOur storm outage restoration process

In Michigan, severe weather conditions are often accompanied by heavy rain, lightning, wind gusts, snow, ice and sleet.  These conditions bring increased potential for electric outages and downed power lines.

Consumers Energy understands the impact of a power outage to our customers.  We’re dedicated to restoring power as quickly and safely as possible.  Our power restoration process follows:

Step 1: Identify and Analyze Outages based on Customer Calls

Consumers Energy uses a map-based outage management system to identify problems on the electric grid based on customer calls.

Step 2: Restore Facilities that Most Impact Public Health, Safety and Commerce

Hospitals, police and fire agencies, radio and TV media outlets, telephone and communication equipment organizations and water and sewer facilities are restored as soon as possible.  Next, high-priority businesses and other facilities that affect the most customers are restored.

Step 3: Restore Remaining Power

Remaining equipment is restored in the following priority order: High voltage lines, substations, primary distribution lines, transformers and secondary lines.  When possible, sections of damaged power lines are isolated and restored before repairing severely damaged lines to restore customers more quickly.

A word about severe storm outage restoration

When storm damage is severe, additional Consumers Energy crews from around the state are brought in to assist with restoration.  Depending upon the storm’s severity, additional contract-company resources may assist our crews.

If additional assistance is needed, Consumers Energy will contact Great Lakes Mutual Assistance utilities and bring in crews from outside Michigan to help.  Consumers Energy is also a Great Lakes Mutual Assistance member, and offers our crews to assist other utilities experiencing storms as needed.

During severe storms, restoration efforts may take several days.  Consumers Energy appreciates your patience and understanding as we work hard to restore power in challenging conditions.