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Lineworker Apprentice Program

LineWorker2Consumers Energy has set as one of our company goals: to partner with post-secondary educators, government agencies, other utilities and business partners to create a diverse recruiting pipeline of skilled Michigan utility workers.
A big step toward achieving this goal of establishing a pipeline of skilled utility workers, Consumers Energy has chosen to partner together with Kalamazoo Valley Community College and Lansing Community College to jointly deliver foundational skills and competencies which currently can be applied specifically to enter into an electric line work apprenticeship in the utility industry.
As part of our investment in this rigorous and very unique educational program, the students are trained at our Marshall Training Center. They will receive intense instruction by highly-skilled journey level lineworkers, who have numerous years of hands on field experience. First the students come for a four day pass/fail orientation then they return to complete the program with a formidable nine weeks of instruction in climbing, line construction, forestry, equipment operation and applied electrical theory with de-energized and energized conductors. We recognized that in order to recruit individuals with the fundamental skills and knowledge into our apprenticeship program, we needed to take an active leadership role in developing successful programs such as these.
We look forward to the continued partnership with our community college partners. As we work together, we are committed to continuously improve these programs and prepare future Michigan workers for these highly skilled positions.

For more specific information regarding Consumers Energy’s role with these programs please contact Dick Scott at the Marshall Training Center by calling 269-789-3805 or emailing

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