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Updated December 15, 2009, 10:01 pm

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Looking for ways to reduce your energy bills or just want to learn more about what we offer? There are many opportunities to
customize your service experience including pricing options, discounts, protection plans, assistance programs and billing options.

Standard Residential RatesOur Standard Residential rate is available to all residential customers

Want to learn more about what rate you’re on? Compare the rate code on the back of your bill with its rate description. If the rate doesn't match your situation, check your rate or if you're unsure, e-mail or call us toll-free (800) 477-5050. Explore your additional options below!


Time of Use RatesWhat time do you use energy?

   •   Do you have flexibility in when you use energy?
   •   Can you run the dishwasher or do laundry in the late evening?
   •   Lower your bill by using energy at certain times

Check out our Time-of-Day (TOD) pricing plan!

Plug-in Electric VehicleDrive an electric vehicle?

   •   Do you plug in your car at home?
   •   Can you charge your car overnight?
   •   Lower your rate by using energy during overnight hours

Our PEV pricing plan could be the best fit for you!

Support Michigan Renewable EnergySupport Michigan Renewable Energy!

   •    Want to support renewable energy and help preserve our great state?
   •    Interested in subscribing to block of renewable energy like wind and biomass generation?
   •    Select a participation level that’s right for you!

Enroll in one of our Green Generation plans!

Support Michigan Solar EnergySupport Michigan Solar Energy!

   •    Interested in solar technology but don’t want the installation on your own property?
   •    How about subscribing to solar energy without the hassle of ownership and maintenance?
   •    Looking for a solar subscription plan with flexible payments options?

Take a look at our Solar Garden program!

Generate Your Own EnergyWant to generate your own energy?

   •    Interested in making an investment to produce your own energy?
   •    Want to offset your energy consumption?

We offer Customer Generation plans that may interest you!

Over the Age of 65?Are you over the age of 65?

   •    You are eligible for the Senior Citizen customer discount!
   •    Interested in payment assistance?

Check out the Senior Citizen programs here!

Billing and Payment OptionsCurious about billing & payment options?

   •    Would you like to pay the same amount each month?
   •    What about having one less thing to worry about by enrolling in automatic payments?
   •    Looking for payment assistance?

Take a look at what we offer!

Energy Efficiency ProgramsNone of the above options apply to me. What can I do?

   •    Take advantage of opportunities to manage your energy use
   •    There’s over 100 opportunities to impact your everyday consumption
   •     Interested in a home energy analysis?

Our Energy Efficiency programs can help you save!