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What's in it for me?

Preparing for Installation

Smart Energy Benefits

What are the benefits of Smart Energy?
Smart Meter Installation

What's in it for me? How does Smart Energy work? When will I get Smart Energy? Preparing for Installation

What's in it for me?


In the Future

Smart Energy Bill

Increased meter read accuracy and virtually no estimated bills


We'll be automatically notified of outages so crews can be dispatched sooner and get your power on faster

Web Portal

Better understand your energy usage via the Smart Energy web portal

Smart Energy Programs

Programs designed to help you save money and fit your lifestyle

How Does it Work?

How does it Work?

Smart meters are similar to existing electric meters, but have two-way communication capabilities.

A module within the meter sends total energy usage information to Consumers Energy through a secure network.

When will I get it?

There are more than 65 million smart meters in the United States. The program is installing meters through 2017. The map to the right shows our installation plans by year.

Installation Map Key

Preparing for Installation

Approximately 30 days before installation

Approximately 14 days before installation

Door Hanger:
Day of installation. The door hanger will indicate if your installation was successful or unsuccessful. If unsuccessful, the reason will be identified on the back of your door hanger.

Smart Meter Installation

What are the facts?

Smart Energy Myths and Facts

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