About energy saving rebates

About Energy Saving Solutions

Why would Consumers Energy encourage people to use energy more efficiently? That's a good question. After all, energy is a product we produce and sell.

The answer is pretty simple. We understand that energy efficiency is good for our state, our company, and every one of us. We believe its one of America’s greatest untapped sources of power. That's why we are strongly committed to helping our customers get the most value possible from every kilowatt-hour of electricity or cubic foot of natural gas they purchase from us.

Consumers Energy also recognizes that everyone has the power to save. Improving efficiency in homes and businesses is clean, smart and relatively inexpensive. Using less electricity helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, stabilize volatile energy prices and boost energy security. It also helps you save money, and that's a boost for the economy.

In October 2008, Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed legislation directing Michigan utilities to offer energy efficiency programs to their customers. In the summer of 2009, Consumers Energy launched comprehensive electric and gas energy efficiency programs. Participating in the programs is extremely easy, and there's no need to enroll. This website has many ways you can save energy and money, along with participating retailers that offer rebates from Consumers Energy on energy efficient products.

So the next time someone wonders why Consumers Energy would promote energy efficiency, you can tell them we're simply helping everyone get the most value out of the energy they use.