Residential Electric Options

Standard Residential Rate

If you're a residential customer you are most likely on the Electric Residential Service Rate Code: 1000. Check the back of your bill to confirm the rate you're on.

If you have questions about your rate, call us at 800-477-5050.

If you’re 65 or older, you qualify for the Senior Citizen credit.

Time Of Use Rate

Reduce your use during periods with high electric demand, like summer afternoons, and you’ll take advantage of lower rates at other times, especially nights and weekends. Program benefits include:

  • Lower your bill by changing your thermostat setting, waiting to run the dishwasher, and making other small changes.
  • Save on energy costs all summer long by shifting use to less expensive times.
  • The more you shift your energy use, the more you save.
  • Two rate options to choose from.

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Plug-in Electric Vehicles

We offer a special rate that will save you money when you charge your Plug-in Electric Vehicle during off-peak hours. 

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AC Peak Cycling

Save money by taking advantage of reduced electricity rates through our central AC cycling program.

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Customer Generated Energy

As we work to provide reliable electric service to families and businesses, we have found some customers are interested in generating their own energy.

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Join the Green Generation

Join thousands of Michigan residents who are participating in the Green Generation program. When you join, you’ll be supporting renewable energy and help preserve our great state for generations to come.

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Support Solar Gardens

Join the solar energy movement and help preserve what we love about Michigan, and it’s a great way to participate in creating renewable energy. Sign up today and we'll send you more information!