Compressed Natural Gas

Fuel up with Natural Gas

Compressed natural gas (CNG) has been used to fuel domestic households for years, and can also be an effective alternative for vehicles. CNG is sustainable, abundant and can be a positive alternative for Fleets and individual users.

Why Compressed Natural Gas?

  • Clean. Natural gas vehicles are environmentally friendly. Natural gas produces the lowest emissions of all other fossil fuels and contain significantly less pollutants.
  • Homegrown. Using natural gas lessens dependence on imported oil.
  • Stable. Abundant U.S. natural gas reserves and our vast underground natural gas storage fields keep natural gas prices low.
  • Safe. CNG fuel storage tanks are stronger and safer than gasoline or diesel tanks. They reduce the likelihood of accidental release and give off little to no emissions during fueling.

Fuel up at our CNG fueling station at 11797 Farmington Road in Livonia - one of Michigan’s premier heavy truck capable stations with easy access to Interstate 96.

  • Four fueling hoses (two standard and two high-flow nozzles)
  • Free Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations
  • Call box for emergencies, issues and questions
  • Fueling dispensers accept WEX, Fuelman, Voyager and Global Fleet Fuel cards. Contact Consumers Energy to request a Consumers Energy fuel card account. Credit cards, Visa®, Mastercard®, Discover® cannot be accepted.
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