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Business Pilot Programs: Innovative New Ways to Save

A Culture of Innovation

We invite you to join with us in a shared culture of innovation. It’s smart business for all of us to find new ways to save energy and money while making our businesses more productive. It’s also necessary for the sustainable future of Michigan.

That’s why we collaborate with Michigan businesses to continually test new pilot programs. It’s why some of our previous pilot programs are now permanent members of our energy efficiency offerings. And it’s why we’ll try out new pilot programs in the years ahead.

Let’s work together to shape the future and see how energy efficient we can become. Interested?

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Innovative Pilot Programs

small business advanced lighting

Small Business Advanced Lighting Controls Pilot Program

Goal: Encourage small business owners to utilize the next wave of intelligent lighting controls by offering specialized incentives.

How much does your business pay each year to light empty rooms? Through testing and demonstration projects, we’re preparing the way for advanced control systems that can dramatically reduce lighting costs, while improving the overall quality of lighting for your employees.

zero net energy

Zero Net Energy Pilot Program

Goal: Encourage new construction and major renovation projects to pursue Zero Net Energy (projects that consume only as much energy as they produce) through a structured design, build, M&V incentive process.

If your business is striving for a high performing building, this pilot program provides you with a selection of incentives to fund energy modeling, engineering support, cost-benefit analysis, along with system commissioning and post-occupancy measurement and verification.

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commercial real estate

Commercial Real Estate Program

Goal: Increase Commercial Real Estate (CRE) customers’ awareness and participation in energy efficiency incentive programs.

Are your CRE properties facing barriers to energy efficiency? We have two offerings to help: (1) Connect Offering, a portfolio-approach that connects office properties to applicable incentives, following the pattern of - benchmark, audit, implement. (2) Tenant Improvement Plus (TI+) Offering, a simple new plug-and-play incentive approach at the point of tenant fit-outs.

Let’s Innovate Together

Would you and your business like to innovate with us? We're always interested in new ideas to shape the future of energy. 

Call us at 877-607-0737 or email us. Let’s talk about the possibilities.

Other Ways to Save