Pilot Programs: Innovative New Ways to Save

A Culture of Innovation

We invite you to join with us in a shared culture of innovation. It’s smart business for all of us to find new ways to save energy and money while making our businesses more productive. It’s also necessary for the sustainable future of Michigan.

That’s why we are continually testing pilot programs in collaboration with Michigan businesses. It’s why some of our previous pilot programs are now permanent members of our energy efficiency program. And it’s why we’ll try out new pilot programs in the years ahead.

Let’s work together, trying out new ideas to shape the future and see how energy efficient we can become. Interested? Let’s talk.

Innovative Pilot Programs

steam optimization

Steam System Optimization Program

Goal: Improve the efficiency and cut the operational costs of commercial and industrial steam systems.

Whether your business uses steam for heating, propulsion, cleaning or anything else, you know it’s an energy intensive technology. Together, we assess the efficiency of your present system. We then recommend effective efficiency upgrades and best practices. We even provide a payback analysis, so you’ll know how quickly your investment can pay for itself.

large warehouse building

Advanced Lighting Controls Program

Goal: Encourage adoption of the next wave of intelligent lighting controls.

How much does your business pay each year to light empty rooms? Through testing and demonstration projects, we’re preparing the way for advanced control systems that can dramatically reduce lighting costs while improving the overall quality of lighting for your employees.

person adjusting thermostat at a business

Business Smart Thermostats Program

Goal: Provide small businesses with access to advanced energy management of HVAC systems.

Traditional energy management systems are far too expensive and complex to be feasible investments for small businesses. We’re working with small businesses to test simpler, affordable, advanced smart thermostats as a viable alternative for energy savings.

group of professionals attending energy efficiency training

Energy Efficiency Training Center

Goal: Share energy efficiency expertise with our customers and participating contractors.

We’ve opened our own on-site training center, where we provide top-tier education in energy efficiency. The center is becoming the go-to resource for learning how to save energy and money while creating a more comfortable and high performance work environment.

Let’s Innovate Together

Would you and your business like to innovate with us? We're always interested in new ideas to shape the future of energy. 

Call us at 877-607-0737 or email us. Let’s talk about the possibilities.

Other Ways to Save